Evaporator (Waste-Water Vacuum Evaporative Equipment)

The vacuum evaporative equipment of this company which has made a new epoch in the field of waste water treatment is a dream system which enables non-discharge and recycling of waste water.
The amount of waste water has increased due to the enhancement and diversification of industry and the treatment method has also got difficult due to the diversification and high concentration of waste water. In addition, since the water quality criteria of discharged water tend to be strengthened, we are now in dire need of fundamental treatment methods of waste water. Kovec Corporation has manufactured and supplied the best quality evaporative concentrator by remedying the shortcomings of conventional evaporative concentrators on the basis of many years of experience on the waste water treatment based on vacuum evaporative equipment.

  • Complete non-discharge is possible.
  • Saves the area for facilities due to compactness of the equipment.
  • Little affected by the properties of waste water
  • Depending on the use, the type of evaporative concentration equipment may be selectively applied.
  • The energy saving type saves the operating cost in comparison with other facilities of the same kind.
  • The complete automation make it convenient to operate the equipment.
  • The installation of an auto cleaning system controls scale formation.



  • Foods/Fodder Industry, Chemical/ Pharmaceutical Industry, Metal/ Paper / Electrical/ Electronic Industry, Waste Water Treatment/Desalination Facilities, etc.