APHEX concentration equipment takes an indirect concentration method of using steam. It is a piece of equipment to .concentrate liquids by agitating in the liquids the cylindrical heat transfer plates constructed around a rotating axis and delivering to the rotating plates the steam supplied through the inside of the rotating axis.
Depending on the rotational speed, the fluid inside the equipment maximizes the heat exchange efficiency by forming a strong centrifugal force and providing a strong turbulence to the heat transfer plates with uneven surface.
Meanwhile, the steam supplied through the inside of the heat transfer plates condenses after heat exchange with the original liquids and discharges continuously through the bottom of the rotating axis. And the moisture in the original liquids evaporates and condenses/discharges through a separate condenser.

  • Easy to replace the heat transfer plates.
  • The compactness of the equipment saves the area for facilities.
  • Little affected by the properties of waste water.
  • Depending on the use, this may be applied as evaporative concentration equipment or drying equipment.
  • The energy saving type saves the operating cost in comparison with other facilities of the same kind.
  • The complete automation make it convenient to operate the equipment.
  • Handles a large quantity of waste water in a single unit.



  • Foods/Fodder Industry, Chemical/ Pharmaceutical Industry, Metal/ Paper / Electrical/ Electronic Industry, Waste Water Treatment/Desalination Facilities, etc