Characteristics of Ozone Generator

Ozone composed of 3 oxygen atoms is dissolved into water and organic solvents, and the natural decomposition rate may be accelerated by temperature and pH. Ozone has a high oxidation/reduction potential next to fluorine (F)
Ozone is a strong oxidant and reacts with many organic solvents.
The following four formations are the main reactions.

An ozone molecule is contained in one of oxygen atoms.

2 to 3 ozone molecules are combined and contained to form an ozone compound (ozonede), which decomposes soon due to its instability at the liquid state.

Since ozone reduces the activation energy required for the oxidation reaction, its rate (kinetics) is accelerated by ozone.

   Depending on the conditions of media, ozone forms HYDROXIDE(OH) structure, which reacts with compounds, and HYDRO PEROXIDE(H2O2) structure.

Ozone is safe since it stays only as an oxygen component during water purification treatment. This has been a safe treatment method, and it finds a high application rate especially in chemical and biological treatments.

Ozone is used as a purifier in the following methods: