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Environment industry

Since its establishment, Kovec has successfully applied vacuum evaporation and concentration systems and advanced treatment technologies to more than 50 projects in various wastewater treatment and reuse field.
Based on the best core technology and design, construction, and commissioning experience, we will become a more trusted partner in the future.
  • Main environmental business areas : unspecified consignment wastewater treatment facility , high-concentration industrial wastewater treatment facility , wastewater, waste recycling facility , etc.
  • Main wastewater treatment field : waste acid, waste alkali wastewater, oxidation/reduction wastewater, plating wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, waste leachate, sludge dry wastewater, etc.

Main Performance

Consignment waste water treatment facility construction
Client :
Location :
Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do
Capacity :
Construction date :
Main process :
Chemical Treatment, Evaporation & Concentration + Drying Facility + Biological Treatment