APHEX Concentration?

APHEX Concentration System is a high-efficiency evaporative concentration system in which the rotational force of the cylindrical heat transfer tubes creates a strong centrifugal force to the fluid inside the equipment and maximizes the heat transfer efficiency of both fluids, enhancing the amount of evaporation per unit area.
APHEX (Agitating Plate Heat Exchanger) composed of multiple cylindrical heat transfer plates constructed around a rotating axis is a system in which both fluids exchange heat through the heat transfer plates rotating due to the forced rotational agitation in fluids.
APHEX is a new-concept evaporative concentration system which can concentrate freely inside the integrated equipment up to the concentration desired, not requiring a separate vacuum evaporator, heater, and circulation pump.

APHEX Heat Exchange System


APHEX Concentration System may be used, depending on the purpose of use, in liquid-phase concentration, salt crystallization, and liquid-phase drying. The vacuum formed inside the equipment enables a low temperature concentration.

APHEX is an economical evaporative concentration system which saves the operating cost by constructing such vapor recycling systems as MVR, TVR, and ME, depending on the method of energy recovery.



Basic Type of APHEX Evaporative Concentration Equipment