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Condensate Treatment facility

Membrane Bio Reator
  • Oxidation and denitrification of organic matter in evaporated condensed water.
  • Overcoming limitation of the existing activated sludge method by applying membrane.
  • Reducing sludge bulking, defects of sedimentation in winter and excessive sludge generation
  • Replacement of existing sedimentation tank and filtration tank (small area required)
  • Complete solid-liquid separation regardless of sludge settling (separation particle size 0.4㎛↓)
  • High concentration of Biomass (long SRT , high concentration MLSS)
  • Low pressure filtration (filtration pressure is about-0.3kg/㎠ or less)

Fenton Oxidation reactor Sedimentation tank Anoxic tank Exhalation tank Membrane separation tank Stabilization tank
Biodegradable materialization Sedimentation of flocculants Removal of T-N by denitrification Decomposition and removal of organic matter Sludge filtered water withdrawal DO adjustment surplus sludge discharge