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Evaporation · Concentration

Type of device (classification by energy recovery method)
MVR(Mechanical Vapor Recompression)
  • Composed of one heat exchanger and one evaporator.
  • Using a heat pump.All of the evaporated waste vapor is sucked and compressed and reused
  • About 90% of waste steam is recovered and reused.
  • Application review is necessary depending on the characteristics of the waste fluid.
  • 2 Two-stage composed of 2 heat exchangers and 2 evaporators.
  • Gereratated waste steam in the second stage is used in the first stage, and all waste vapor generated in the first stage is reused in the second stage after inhaled and compressed.
  • About 95% of waste steam is recovered and reused.
  • Depending on the BPR(Boiling Point Rising) of the waste liquid, a heat pump with a high compression ratio is required.