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Condensate Treatment facility

This treatment system is a condensate post-treatment process for treating further evaporated and condensed evaporated condensate in the process of evaporation, concentration and drying (crystallization) for advanced treatment based on effluent or reused water quality.
Characteristics of evaporated condensate
  • Containing of ammonia component (NH4)
  • Containing of volatile organic substances (VOC)
  • Mixing of water and azeotrope (such as phenol, etc.)
  • Relatively high temperature (40-60 ℃)
  • TDS increases when bubble inflows
  • Change of pH according to characteristics of waste water
Teatment method review
Application of treatment method
Ammonia and VOC removal system
  • Acid operation of evaporative concentrator(pH 5↓)
  • Low boiling point degassing device(Stripper)
Biological treatment Method
  • Standard activated sludge method
  • MBR(Membrane Bio-Reactor) system
(Molecular Separation) system
  • Separation system of Low boiling point substances
  • Reverse osmosis membrane