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Condensate Treatment facility

Ammonia and VOCs removal facility
Separation Tower for Low boiling point substances(Separation Tower)
  • Removal of low-boiling substances mixed with evaporated condensate.
  • Mainly removes volatile substances such as NH3, VOC.
  • Low boiling substances is degassed by stripping gas (Air)
  • To maximize degassing efficiency, Separation Tower are composed of low temperature degassing and high temperature degassing part.
  • The degassed low-boiling substances are separated from the separator.
  • Materials recovered in the separation liquid can be recycled depending on the composition.
  • Reduces the next scrubber load by lowering the degassing gas pollution and temperature.
Main determinants of deaerator efficiency
  • pH, temperature, gas volume (air volume), contact efficiency
Expected removal rate by substance
  • Ammonia removal rate: about 80% or more
  • Methanol removal rate: about 90% or more
  • Ethanol removal rate: about 90% or more
  • Acetone removal rate: about 85% or more
NH3 Stripper
  • NH3 Concentration of influent (condensate): : 650 ~ 2,980 ppm
  • NH3 Concentration of Stripped water : 5 ~ 63 ppm
  • Stripping Gas Flow : 1/300 ~ 1/600
  • COD 제거율 : 64 ~ 69%
pH adjustment tank Heat exchanger Stripper Condenate Tower Cooler
Adjust the pH of condensate (11.5 or more)
NH4 → NH3 change
Heating of circulating fluid
(about 60∼80℃)
NH3 removal
VOC removal
Primary cooling of condenser treated water (water cooled)
Secondary cooling (air cooling)
secondary stripping effect of primary treatment